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    ▪Candidiasis is an infection caused by a yeast(a type of fungus) called _Candida_.?
    ▪Candida normally lives in places such as the mouth,throat,gut,vagina and on the skin without causing any problems.?
    ▪However, when the vaginal environment changes as a result of hormones, medicines or changes in the immune system,then Candida can multiply and cause infection inside the vagina.?
    ▪This infection by Candida is known as _Vaginal Candidiasis(VC)_…what some women refer to as _White_.?
    ▪VC is the most common fungal infection in women.??‍⚕
    ▪It is a mild infection but can be severe or recurrent in some women.?

    *Signs and Symptoms*
    ▪Intense itchiness??‍♀
    ▪Thick whitish vaginal discharge??‍♀
    ▪Painful urination??‍♀
    ▪Sometimes, pain during sex??‍♀

    *Women Who Are At More Risk Of Getting VC*
    ▪ Diabetics??‍⚕
    ▪Women with weakened immune systems (eg. HIV/AIDS)?
    ▪Those who are taking or have recently taken antibiotics?
    ▪Pregnant women??

    ▪Contact your healthcare provider if you have the above symptoms since these symptoms are similar to those caused by other vaginal infections besides candidiasis.??‍⚕
    ▪Your doctor may do some investigations.??‍?
    ▪VC is treated with anti fungal medications either applied inside the vagina or taken by mouth.?

    ▪Wearing cotton underwears.?
    ▪Avoid wearing underwears during bedtime to keep the vagina aerated?
    ▪Do not abuse antibiotics.Take them only when prescribed and exactly as prescribed.⚠

    *?Medical Terminology*
    It is the medical term for itching.?

    Source: Facebook@ Dr JET

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    Er mily
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    Very educative

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